Go Power Harrow

The frame is a sturdy shell in welded high thickness plate. This provides a highly rigid structure ensuring that the gears it contains operate under optimum conditions. The 1-speed gearbox was designed and built by Celli using quality components to guarantee long machine life. The wide range of accessories will satisfy the most demanding users while ensuring maximum use flexibility.


Technical Specs:

  • Rotor speed: 319 rpm (for 540 rpm PTO)
  • Swinging lower linkages
  • 3 point hitch ct.2 cage roller 15” mod. 225-17” mod. 250-10”
  • Rear roller adjustment by pins
  • Tines 3.5 x.4 x 10.2”: working depth about 26 cm
  • Movable side plates
  • Drive shaft with shear bolt
  • Welded safety protection
  • Adjustable roller with pins
  • Ideal for working with small tractors, preparing seedbeds, eliminating soil compacting and tilling soil in orchards and vineyards

Optional Accessories:

  • High PTO position gearbox
  • Rear rollers
  • Rear leveling bar adjustment by pins
  • Rear leveling bar adjustment threaded
  • Hydraulic adjustment for rear roller
  • Wheel track eradicator tine
  • Tines counter plates kit
  • Stone protectors kit
  • Tines counter plates kit with stone protectors


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