Tiger 280DD Roto Tiller

The Tiger 280 DD (Double Drive) is a large fixed rotary tiller (non-folding), created by coupling two units of the Tiger 190 through a central frame.This manufacturing technique allows the intake power to be distributed to the two units, providing numerous advantages in terms of reliability, durability and robustness.

Each transmission component of the side units is set up for horsepower’s reaching 280 HP. This allows for wide safety margins even in the harshest working conditions. The large amount of space under the machine (between the frame and blades) allows operation in difficult soil conditions, such as, for example, in heavy, hard and stony soil, or with large crop residue, without running the risk of rotor jamming or clamping.


Technical Specs:

  • Maximum horsepower 280 HP
  • PTO 2-speed gearbox for 1000 rpm
  • Side drive: gears
  • 3 point hitch cat. 2 and cat. 3
  • Swinging front linkages
  • Rear tailgate, adjustable with threaded bar central blade
  • L-shaped blades: 3.15” x 4” (6 blades each flange, side blades leaning inwards) (T280DD)
  • Working depth: 9.8″ (T280DD): 8.7″ (T280DDF)
  • Leveling rollers, adjustable with hydraulic rams (T280DDF)
  • Spikes 1.2” x 1.2” L= 6.7” (T280DDF)
  • Side skids
  • Foot stand
  • Side drive shafts with automatic safety device, central drive shaft

Optional Accessories:

  • Gearbox 360 HP
  • Oil cooling kit for central gearbox with reservoir
  • C-shaped blades
  • Set of 2 front wheels, adjustable with hydraulic rams
  • Rear rollers, adjustable with hydraulic rams
  • When fitted at origin, please deduct for skids
  • Counter plates
  • Front sod breaking discs
  • Front track eraser
  • Double flange rotor with 0.4” thick blades
  • Rotor with quick blades (0.4”) release system
  • Hydraulic kit for tailgate adjustments


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