The VEGA/S is the perfect movable multipurpose shredder! Ideal for working with small horsepower tractors, cutting grass, grow in vineyard or orchard along the row, chopping grass and pruning! 



Technical Specs:

  • Maximum horsepower: 70HP
  • Rotor speed: 2278 rpm (for 540 rpm PTO) tip speed 156 ft/sec
  • Side transmission with 3 belts (only model 125)
  • Side transmission with 4 belts (mod. 150-175-200)
  • Side shift mechanism by threaded bar onto 2 chromed plated rods
  • Fixed counter-blades (front and upper)
  • Double 3 point hitch (2 working positions) adjustable in height for 6cm
  • Rear roller 7″
  • Gearbox with freewheel safety device
  • Openable rear door for inspection
  • Double shielded box frame
  • Side protections
  • Rotor (pipe 5 ½) with flat hammer (total 16″)
  • Drive shaft without safety device

Optional Accessories:

  • 3 Y shaped blades with straight blade
  • Set of 2 rear rubber wheels
  • Rear collection spike (min/max) 125=5/9 pcs. 150=6/11 pcs. 175=7/13 pcs. 200=8/15 pcs
  • Side-skids
  • Side skids protections to minimize wear (set of 2)
  • Hydraulic side-shift kit


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